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2018 6/7(thu)ー 6/24(sun)
OPEN Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday  AM11~PM7(4/1 〜PM5)

AiliasーEverything except This  Yoichi HIrata・Kazuaki Kikuchi


Artist Talk Yoichi Hirata・Kazuaki Kikuchi

6/9(sat) PM 5:00〜

Art Performance Kazuaki Kikuchi

6/9(sat)16(sat) 24(sun) Every day irregularly

Yoichi Hirata

My way of life was timid.  I do not think how it seems to have gone grandly and spectacularly.y. It was exactly the opposite.
In the past it was completely useless, now we are caught behind and in front, I do not know the destination.
In the past we were useless us. Now my sense of the past and the future is dim, and I do not know where I am going.
Osamu Dazai think that art is Gay 's art太宰治は芸術とはゲーの術だといったと思うが、僕はゲーのでるほど作品をつくっていない。
I was a cowardly and lazy artist. Although I have no choice but to go cowardly from now on, I want to make a clean works even if it is cowardly.  Cowardly art is not masochistic. I feel a little pride.




1936 Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
I was born in Amagasaki-city but I have no memory. It's a beautiful country, but likely to die of summer heat・・・This is the first impression of Japan when I went back to my own country by ship. My body seemed to fit heat and is not yet dead.
Osaka Gakugei University (currently Osaka Kyoiku University) When I was second-time student, my father who came back from Siberia died of illness at the age of 43 years old. I decided to drop out the following year, I made my own wooden yacht in the painting practice room and sailed the Seto Inland Sea together with three friends. We stopped the Kansai Kisen at the entrance of Kobe Port by night sailing and was reprimed much. Workers, subcontractors of Dentu, prototype production of mannequin, etc.・・・27 years old, I held a solo exhibition at the Osaka Gallery, Michio Fukuoka bought my work "Object of tears", now in the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art. 28 years old, I participated in the Arrow line group presided by Michio Fukuoka. 29 years old, my work "Lonely Us" at the Kyoto Ante Pandan Exhibition in 1965 was recognized by Atsuo Imaizumi, and got ready for a solo exhibition in Tokyo, But I had no money to make works. Reluctantly I got sick. It was a sad thing even now

major works
Object of Tears(1963)、Lonely Us(1965)、Mushimushi Maruie(1966)、Everything except This(1972)

Public Collection
Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum
Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum

Kazuaki Kikuchi

All the sculptures of ancient Greece are expressing beautiful body with muscularity. Looking at the reason, apparently it seems to have imaged the figure of the gods at the time. The ancient Greeks got closer to the shape of beautiful gods, so that muscle training was a routine one, It was said that it's better that it's a muscular figure. Meanwhile, I am fat buddies of modern people, how much ugly is it from the ancient Greeks? It may not be beautiful for me to expose ugly flesh and make arts a living. Then, what I make with a beautiful body like sculpture must be beautiful.
  Kazuaki Kikuchis  


1993 Born in Kyoto, Japan
2016 Graduated from Contemporary Art Course in Fine Arts Department of Seian University of Art and Design
2018 Graduated from Concept and Media Planning in Faculty of fine arts of the postgraduate course of Kyoto City University
 Graduated from the postgraduate course of Kyoto City University of Arts, the graduation work"HOP KEN"
1993 京都府生まれ
2016 成安造形大学美術領域現代アートコース卒業
2016 京都市立芸術大学大学院美術研究科絵画専攻構想設計クラス卒業

2013 花山天文台 gallery week、花山天文台、京都
2014 主張てん、gallery ARTISLONG、京都
2015 第18回ニパフ・アジア・パフォーマンス連続展、 3331 Arts Chiyoda、東京・江之子島文化芸術創造センター、大阪
2017 若手芸術家支援企画 1 floor 2017 合目的的不毛論、神戸アートビレッジセンター

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