12/20(thu) ー 2019年 01/26(sat)

2019 1/30(wed)ー 2/16(sat)
OPEN Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday  AM11~PM7(2/16 〜PM5)

reading fermentation Mamoru Fujieda・Akihiko Inoue・Tomoko Inagaki

2 / 11(mon)  

Part 1
Artist talk "reading fermentation" 

 Momoru Fujieda・Akihiko Inoue ・Tomoko Inagaki

ーーtea timeーー


Part 2
 Wagon player:Kayoko Nakagawa
 program:"Koto music collection of Pattern of plants" by Wagon
      (Composed by Mamoru Fujieda)

Open:14:30 Start:15:00
Place:Kozu shrine www.kouzu.or.jp
Ticket fee:Advance2000yen / Doors 2500yen
Booking:+1art / gal@plus1art.jp


On the day of the event, it is the closing day of +1 art, but we will temporarily open the gallery one hour at 13 - 14 o'clock before opening.


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