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2018 4/5(thu)ー4/22(sun)

Stone viewーwalk around Laguna Verde and Takahama  Ryuichi Yahagi

related Events  4 / 05(thu) PM 5〜  Artist talk

Supported by Universidad Veracruzana

Ryuichi Yahagi

Stone is always in our life, sometimes used as a tool from a long time, sometimes special stones are subject to faith. There is something that attracts people’s heart to the stone. I am also one of the people fascinated by stones and I often pick up stones on the river beds and coast. Even the stones that look like the same are rich in facial expressions and can not find the same stone as one. Also, depending on where you pick up you will also see that shape, color, pattern, weight, and touch are different. I pick out some of its innumerable stones and imitate the stone with stone. After the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, I visited several nuclear power plants in Japan and collected stones around them. The work to be exhibited this time is the "Mimicry stone" series, the stone collected in the vicinity of the Mexico's only Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant in Veracruz living in my province, the pebbles collected in Takahama Nuclear Power Plant and the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant that began operation again. Iexhibit works that imitated stones.

Ryuichi Yahagi 

Born in Kawasaki city, Japan 1967. After graduating from Kanazawa College of Art and Craft sculpture departament, he lives in Mexico since 1995. Graduated from the Department of Urban Arts in San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts, Mexico National Autonomous University 2010. Currently working at the Instituto de Artes Plásticas Universidad Veracruzana. He is producing sculptures and installations etc. in Mexico and Japan, also plan and coordinate cultural exchange between the two countries. Before studying as an artist, he graduated from Osaka Abeno Tsuji Culinary Professional School and worked as a cook, and also produced works and workshops on the theme of food materials.