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Norio IMAI

2022  03/30 wed ー04/16 sat  PM 12〜7(Last day 〜PM5)
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【TALK EVENT】   4/2 sat PM 6ー 

 “Media transitions and Sounds”
    Norio IMAI x Akihiko MORISHITA(Media artist)

  ▪︎venue : +1art
  ▪︎Entry fee : 500yen(1 drink)
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Norio IMAI

Norio IMAI

Born in Osaka in 1946. He is an artist. He studied under Jiro Yoshihara while he was a student at Osaka City Kogei High School and participated in the Gutai Art Association. In 1966, he received the 10th Shell Art Award First Prize. Since then, he has exhibited in numerous exhibitions both domestic and overseas. Since the 1970s he has created photographs, videos and sounds. Since 1979 he has continued his daily self-portrait works. His major pablications include "Starting from White-My Art Note", "Daily Portrait-A Quarter Century Diary of Memory", "On the Table-Performance in Book", and "Time Collection" and "Norio Imai (Axel and May Vervoordt Foundation).

We still see cassette tapes in electronics stores, but we don't see open reel tapes anymore. Open reel tapes are recording / recording tapes that were used until the 1970s. The tapes used in this work contains jazz and rock music from the 1960s and 1970s. These tapes were packed in cardboard boxes and slept in a warehouse for about 30 years. In the midst of this corona wreck, the Beatles, Coltrane, and Dylan all became round and round, and were reborn as "Otodama." In addition, "Marukumamaru" in the writer's comment is the reason why it was taken from the word "Marumaru and Marumemarumeyo my heart".