MURASAKI Kanako 《Internal injury》

2021 2/17 wed.ー 2/27 sat.  PM 1〜7 closed on 2/21 sun.2/22 mon. 2/23 tue.




I was skeptical about the present age, which is visually predominant, and started production focusing on touching. However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in 2020, contact has become confused. It's frustrating that you can't see it even if you want to see it, and you can't touch it even if you want to touch it. We cannot see the contents of our bodies on our own. Even if an organ is injured, it cannot be seen, and no pain can be perceived in a non-painful organ. And before you know it, the limit comes. By visualizing the limit of such quiet life, I want to face "life".


1997 Born in Toyama Prefecture
2021 Kyoto Saga University of Arts

Group exhibitions
2018 “Aima Miel” Saga University of Arts campus / Kyoto
2020 “Medium Revival II” SUNABA Gallery / Osaka