Record of the Day

Tomas Svab

2022  11/02 wed ー11/19 sat

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Tomas Svab

Record of the Day is a collection of standardized photographic discs made throughout the past year with a motorized camera obscura. The sun is the pencil and the clouds temper the hue, charting storms and shadows, they react with and stain the cyanotype paper as it advances. Our awareness also developed from the sun, gradually taking on hue and depth until our concepts transcended our dawn but our beingness is still firmly synchronized to the day. The significance of any moment, real or imagined—The relativity of all things—A few minutes, a long moment, a lifted hand to cast a shadow. Time is a shimmering line cast on the horizon.

Tomas Svab

Tomas Svab was born in Prague, Czechia but the bleak political situation compelled his family to emigrate to Canada where he eventually received a BFA in the photography program at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. The perception of the self as an element of the world is a recurring theme in his artwork, created by borrowing principles from his filmmaking background and by exploiting conventional preconceptions through photography and machinery. His works have been exhibited and collected in the Americas, Europe and Asia such as his national prize winning photographs merging scientific and aesthetic systems in the BMO collection in Toronto.


1974 Born in Prague, Czechia
2005 BFA, Art Photography, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver, Canada

Solo Exhibition(after 2008)
2022 Record of the Day, +1 art, Osaka, Japan
2017 Kinetic Portrait, STREET GALLERY, Kobe, Japan
2017 Worldlines for an Old Capital, Art Space Niji (Part of KG+), Kyoto, Japan
2015 Decoupled Horizons, art space ARE at kumagusuku (Part of KG+), Kyoto Japan
2014 Melody for Disorder, STREET GALLERY
2013 Alongside Beauty and Melody: Degrees of Disorder, Art Space Niji
2010 The Metamorphosis, Art Space Niji
2010 META KIT, La Muggina, Tokyo, Japan
2009 The Metamorphosis of Spaces: Takashima City, Part III, Sun Bridge Hotel, Shiga, Japan
2008 The Metamorphosis of Spaces: Takashima City, Gallery Kai, Osaka, Japan

Major Group Exhibition(after 2014)
2022 Shitsurai - Offerings- Ⅷ, THE TERMINAL KYOTO(Part of KG+)
Kyoto International Cultural Community Exhibition, Kyoto & Kurashiki
2021 - Ten years after -, +1 art
2021 Kanjian・International Art Exhibition, Fukui, Japan
2021 Kyoto Art Festival, Kyocera Museum
2021 Kyoto International Cultural Community Exhibition
2021 Shitsurai - Offerings- Ⅶ, THE TERMINAL KYOTO (Part of KG+)
2021 Korea Japan Exchange in Daejeon, South Korea
2021 Japan Korea Exchange Vol 5, THE TERMINAL KYOTO 2020 Shitsurai - Offerings- Ⅵ, THE TERMINAL KYOTO (Part of KG+)
2020 Japan Korea Exchange Vol 5, Cheongju-si, Korea
2019 Japan Korea Exchange Vol 4, Cheongju-si Museum, South Korea
2019 Kyoto International Cultural Community Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan
2018 Kanjian・International Art Exhibition
2018 ASK_7 Artists, Art Office Ozasa gallery, Kyoto, Japan
2018 Japan Korea Exchange Part-3, Saga Art University, Kyoto
2017 Shitsurai - Offerings- Ⅲ, THE TERMINAL KYOTO (Part of KG+) , Kyoto
2017 Japan Korea Exchange Part-2 Cross point, Cheongju-si Museum, Korea
2017 Kanjian・International Art Exhibition
2016 Shitsurai - Offerings- Ⅱ, THE TERMINAL KYOTO (Part of KG+)
2015 Osamu KOKUFU, His work and his circle, Art Court Gallery, Osaka
2015 Calendar for 2016, Art Space Niji
2014 Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2014, Museum of Kyoto
2014 WÄb0orkshops & Other projects Äb0
2021 Workshop, “Cyanotype”, Takumino Museum, Fukui
2021 Workshop, “Cyanotype”, THE TERMINAL KYOTO
2012 Workshop, “Let’s make mysterious stereoscopic photographs”, Sagawa Museum, Shiga
2011 “Restoring Memories Project for Great East Japan Earthquake”

Corporate Collection & Commission work
Shiga Museum of Art, Shiga 2021, 50 guest rooms, Chion-in Temple, Kyoto 2011, Citi Bank Canada 2006, Bank of Montreal 2005, Salvation Army Canada 2004

2021 The Kyoto International Community Association Award 2005 National Winner, 1st Art Competition, Bank of Montreal, CANADA 2003 & 2004 Scholarship Award, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, CANADA

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