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2018 1/18(thu)ー 2/4(sun)

Six Motets  KATO Etsuro


related Events  1/20(sat)PM4〜

  ・Artist talk 《Side B》
  ・piano Concert  《Six Motets》
 Uchida Hiroko (piano) >>


Etsuro Kato


Walking around the city, walking around field, I reach to a swamp.
I have not questioned myself anymore,
And there is no way home.
Still I reach there sometime.
Do not underesstimate habituation, physicalization.
Common, rough scenery shakes,
Kato Etsuro    

Solo Exhibitions
2001-2009  Gallery Haku, Osaka Japan
2002 CAI Contemporary Art International-Hamburg, Germany
2003 Gallery Den, Osaka Japan)
2004 POLETTO-Hamburg, Germany
2005 Gallery Den, Osaka Japan
2010 Gallery Den, Osaka Japan
2011 port gallery, Osaka Japan
2012 2kw gallery, Osaka Japan
2015  port gallery T, Osaka Japan
2016 +1art, Osaka Japan
2016 Horyuji gallery, Nara Japan
2017 Gallery Haku, Osaka Japan

Group Exhibitions
1992-2011 Polysphony below freezing point
1999 Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition, A museum award
2001 Illusion of 6 Contemporary Artist in Korean&Japanese Gallerywooduk, Seoul Korea
2001 YoshiwaraJiro Awards Exhibition、Grand Prize
2003 GARO no SHITEN:Gallery perspective Contemporary Art Center, Osaka Japan
2012 MIZUGIWA no GURURI 2kw gallery, Osaka Japan
2017 Landscape painting Gallery Haku, Osaka Japan

It seems difficult to believe that the solid material is actually vibrating. But it's true at the atomic level.
The micro world is invisible and we can not hear any sound. However this world is made of atom. Is it because of that ?
I sometimes feel sounds and echos in the space where there is no sound to emit. In most cases, it will be a memorable one. But it is not all that.
Kato Etsuro often goes to field and sketches it. When entering deep into nature, our senses are sharp.
Every existence that surrounds us lives and breathes and shakes. He stood in it and he heard a sound like sensitive wild animal.
Then, he hears "the sound like shaking the space and starting up the world" in his ears. It is the sounds reminiscent of polyphonic songs (motets),
in which several melodies intertwine like rising air currents.

That sound that make him head towards creation does not stop even now.

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