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2018 2/15(thu)ー3/4(sun)

A Matter of CousーNew York Memo  HORIO Sadaharu


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・Artist talk 《New York Momo / The Armony show 2017》

HORIO Sadaharu

I was asked by +1art to exhibit my sketch work etc. many monthes ago.
I've made it. Could I have responded to your request?
This is a record when I went to NY ARMORY SHOW in March 2017.
Before I go, I was going to draw from NY scenery seriously. However, in NY, I was very busy with my work 1$paintings (in Japan I did the performance of 100¥paintings before that) at the venue, preparations for performance, so I could not do anything else.
This time, I want to exhibit what I brought back from NY.
As time goes by, I miss memories of that time. I am thinking that it will be a fun exhibition.
Horio Sadaharu  

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka.

Gutai Pinacotheca, Osaka.

Event & Neglect, Gallery Kitano Circus, Kobe.

Utsubo Gallery, Osaka.
Fabric, Higashimon Gallery, Kobe (First in a series of annual solo shows that continued until 1985).

Simultaneous Space: Black Paint, Box Gallery, Nagoya.
From Shape to Quality, Higashimon Gallery, Kobe.
Now (Succession/Connection), Utsubo Gallery, Osaka.

Memo, Art Space Niji, Kyoto.

Art Space Niji, Kyoto (First in a series of annual solo shows heldat the beginning of the new year).
A Matter of Course: ‘Painting,’ ‘In Order,’ ‘Up and Up,’ and ‘Point/Point’, Gallery Cuore, Osaka.

Today’s Artists Series No. 20, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka.
Shikimen/IRO/Iro, Rokken Gallery, Kobe.

Stone, Fuji Gallery, Osaka.

Sumi: Tools and Expressions, Fuji Gallery, Osaka (The Sumi: Tools and Expressions series was held annually until 1994. Many of the works from these shows are now part of the Axel Vervoordt Collection).
By Water, Ishiyacho Gallery, Kyoto.

Idiotic Works -- A Matter of Course: With Things That are There, Studio You, Miki.
Contemporary Artists: Sadaharu Horio Exhibition, Paper Museum, Kawanoe.

A Matter of Course: Here, Gallery Second House Two, Ashiya.

Slacking Off, Cheating, and Cutting Corners, Gallery 2001, Kobe.

A Matter of Course (A Little Bit), Art Space Niji, Kyoto.
Black Adventure: Despite Obstacles, Nano-Rium, Yamanashi.
Earthquake Landscapes, Riran’s Gate, Kobe (The show traveled to four junior high schools in Fukui Prefecture in November and December).

One-Day Exhibition: With Things That are There, Gallery Keller, Paris.

A Matter of Course: According to the Place, Ochanomizu Gallery/Awajicho Gallery, Tokyo.

Unpredictable: Horio’s Art, Hirakata Municipal Gotenyama Art Center, Osaka.
Earthquake Art: Five Years of Restoration, Ataka Museum of Art, Tokushima.

Sadaharu Horio Solo Exhibition: Ordinary Things, Ashiya City Museum of Art & History.

Sadaharu Horio, Axel Vervoordt Gallery, Vlaeykensgang, Antwerp (Three days performance and book presentation).

BB Plaza Museum, Kobe.

Axel Vervoordt Gallery, Hong Kong.
Art Brussels (performance), Brussels (solo space curated by Axel Vervoordt Gallery).
Gallery YUME, Tokyo.
Sadaharu Horio/Atarimae-no-koto: Forms of 3kg, LADS Gallery, Osaka.

The Armory Show (performance, solo space curated by Axel Vervoordt Gallery), New York, NY, USA.

Even if it is there you do not notice, it is natural to be like air. Air can not be grasped.
The air has no form invisible to your eyes and always exists as if it is not there.
Although we are looking at it,we have not seen it
If that is everyday, Horio Sadaharu attempts to visualize everyday life by rearranging colours and the everyday parts in various ways.
This exhibition will display a summary of the achievements of Sadaharu Horio's show at ARMORY SHOW held in March 2017. Added sketches, notes, pictures, collections, and 100 yen (1 dollar) Painting vending machine performance.
+1art Kawaragi