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2018 11/15(thu)ー 11/25(sun)

métamorphose of the time
  Kankyu Okamoto

Kankyu Okamoto

métamorphose of the time

Many "things" are born and used, they eventually disappear and reach "none".
It is a collage work composed of the Heike Monogatari using currently forgotten Ugarito characters, Basho's haiku and parts of waste are displayed
Through these painting expressions, it is a question of what is "eternity".
 Kankyu Okamoto


French-Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition 1983.1985 (France·National Grandpal)
Okayama Prefecture Art Exhibition Award (Grand Prix) Winner 1985
Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition 1991 (Tokyo · Kyoto  Museum of Art)
37th Yasuisho Exhibition 1994 (Tokyo・ Art Forum etc)
「20-year retrospective of the World of White and Black」 1998 (Takahashi City Nariwa  Museum of Art)
「The World of Kankyu Okamoto」 Exhibition  2010 (Kurashiki City Museum of Art)
New York's first solo exhibition 2011 (NY Japanese Association Gallery)
New Year's second solo exhibition 2012 (NY Salem Gallery)
NY Solo Exhibition Memorial Exhibition 2013 (Setouchi City Museum of Art)

Permanent collection
Ohara Museum of Art
Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art
Takahashi City Narewa Art Museum of Art
Setouchi City Museum of Art
Okayama Gakuin University

Okayama University Graduate Late Phase Doctoral Course (Western Art History) Learn
Kurashiki city art museum director(1999-2004)
newspaper reporter (1973-1993)