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2019 3/13(wed)ー 3/23(sat)

Croquis exhibition 
N u d e  Kazuo Shimakage


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String Ensemble Classical Concert

  Entrance fee
500 yen
+1 050-3402-6279 

Kazuo Shimakage

I've drawn a lot of colorful pictures for a long time.
Recently changed it, with achromatic colors and lines。It has become fun. And change the drawing motifsfrom flowers and landscapes to most familiar "human body".

 Kazuo Shimakage  

Born in Chiba Prefecture. from 7 years old started learning painting by Mr. Kanjiro Ikishima. In high school age elected several times to the public exhibition. At "All Japan Student Oil PaintingCompetition" the newspaper bought my work.
After having graduated from the art department of “Tokyo National University of Fine Arts”, I opened an atelier in Osaka. And I worked at Osaka Kyoiku University. At there my theme of research was the creation of a work using that technology with anodic oxidation of titanium. I presented the research at Vienna's World CraftConference. After that continue listing the public exhibition of painting man times and received a many prize and currently. Even now continue my solo exhibition.

: Currently I continue my solo exhibition.
: Professor Emeritus, Osaka Kyoiku University
: President of NPO corporation art classroom
: Painting classroom ART ROOM administration