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it should be there / 3DCG and Silkscreen printing works ©️SATO Yuhi

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SATO Yuhi 

As I was walking around the city, I noticed the window of a private house. The curtain that looks through frosted glassI fell into the illusion of seeing something that was separated from everyday life because of its lack of presence. Combining the photo, the image of 3DCG processed into a halftone screen and a translucent board,Create the boundary between image and reality as a visual experience

#7 shapes

it should be there #7 shapes
287×378mm 2020
acrylic plate, silk screen, stencil, video

#2 spheres

it should be there #2 spheres
150×80×80mm 2020
acrylic plate, silk screen, stencil, video

1994 Bron in Kobe,Japan
2018 Kyoto City University of Art ,B.A. FineArt Printmaking
2020 Kyoto City University of Art ,M.A FineArt Printmaking

2020 Group Exibidion 《VOR KUNST》 Van Der Plas Gallery / New York City
2020 Group Exibidion MA2 Gallery
2020 Solo Exibidion 《p/s/b/p/》 +2 gallery
2019 Group Exibidion charity auction《Little us》 +1art
2019 Group Exibidion《NODE of Compound Eye and Symmetry》 gallery @KCUA
2019 Solo Exibidion《Yuhi Sato exhibition, imagery and bathroom》 gallery16
2019 Solo Exibidion《Invisible scenery and identity》 FORUM KYOTO
2019 Group Exibidion《Stone Letter Project#2》ESPAI NAU U / Escola Llotia Sant Andreu
2019 ‘18, ‘17, ‘16, ‘15 Kyoto City University of Art Exibidion
2018 National university print exhibition Machida City International Printmaking Museum
2018 Group Exibidion《PORTO DI STAMPA 2018》Art Zone Kaguraoka
2018 Solo Exibidion《it should be there》 Kyoto City University of Art
2017 Group Exibidion《Stone Letter Project#1》 Takarazuka University of Art  Gallery TRI-ANGLE
2016 Group Exibidion《Surikawari》 HOTEL ANTEROOM Gallery 9.5
2016 Group Exibidion《1/9》 Kyoto City University of Art

19th Photography Prize《1_WALL》 Selected
Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2018 Nominate
44th National University Print Exhibition Excellence Award , Museum Award
Kyoto Bank Art Support System Scholarship student
Kyoto City University of Arts Exhibition Incentive award

public collection
Machida city museum of graphic arts
Kyoto Bank

soft hope

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 vol.04 SATO-Yuhi 

+1 art is releasing a series entitled "Soft Hope" sequentially as our online shop opening plan.
In this series, each artist puts a "soft hope" -themed work in our special box made with the image of a book. We sell these limited works online.
The fourth in the series, we release three works by SATO Yuhi at the same time as his exhibition.

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