BORDER | Yumi Kori

2023  1/25 wed ー2/12 sun


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郡 裕美

Yumi Kori

Last summer, I stayed at Sacatar Foundation on a small island in Brazil. I woke up every morning before sunrise to meditate on the beach, wanting to feel the endless sky and sea with my whole body. I take a deep breath in and the morning air fills my body, and as I exhale, the air that was once a part of me returns to the atmosphere. As the sun rises I enter the silent sea. The boundaries of my body melt away and I become one with the seawater.
The sandy beach reflects the shape of the waves, creating patterns in the sand and leaving traces of the life of the many creatures that live on the beach. I pick up a piece of broken shell at my feet and draw a line on the sand. The sharp angle of the morning sun creates a deep abyss of shadow, a boundary line that divides the world into here and there, and at the same time appears to be proof of my life. When the sun rose, the lines on the sand disappeared completely in the rising tide.
The morning I drew my first line drawing on the beach, I received the news that my mother was in critical condition. I drew lines on the beach every day thinking of my mother unti
I wanted to create a work on the theme of BORDER, a boundary that appears and disappears inspired by the thoughts I had this summer.

Yumi Kori


M.S. Architecture, Columbia University, 1995
B. Architecture, Kyoto Prefecture University, 1983

AIJ Prize, Architectural Institute of Japan, 2015
The JIA Sustainable Architecture Award 2013 by The Japan Institute of Architects
Kobe Biennial, Art in Container award, Japan, 2007
Architectural Cultural Award, Chiba, Japan 2006
The ar+d award, The Architectural Review, London, 2002
Cityscape Award, Osaka, Japan 2002
Architectural Cultural Award, Chiba, Japan 2001
The ar+d award, The Architectural Review, London, 2001
Tokyo Architectural Award, Tokyo Association of Architectural Firms, 1998
Residential Architecture Award, Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers, 1998
Interior Planning Award, First Place, Japan Architectural Education Center, 1998
Housing Reform Award, Japan Reform Center, 1999
Housing Design Award, Tokyo Gas Living Design Center, 1999
Passive Solar House Prize, OM Solar Organization Japan, 1997
Good Design Award, INAX Design Corporation, 1997
Interior Planning Award, Japan Architecture Dissemination Center, 1992

Professor at Osaka Institute of Technology, Design and Architecture, 2016 to present Lecturer at Tokyo University of Science, Architecture and Design, 2010-2015 Lecturer at Kokushikan University, Tokyo, Architecture and Design, 2013-2015 Lecturer at Nagoya Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture and Design, Japan, 2005-2009 Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University, New York, 1996 to 2004 Lecturer at Yale University, School of Architecture, 2003 Lecturer at Parsons School of Design, 1997 Design Consultant, Japan Nationality Room, Pittsburgh University 1997 Principal Architect, Studio MYU Architects Co. Ltd., Tokyo, 1991 to present Awarded Japanese First Class Architect License, February, 1990

SELECTED Site specific Installation
HOPE, House in NIppombashi, Osaka, Japan
Tsumugu, FUJI TEXTILE WEEK, Fujiyoxshida,Yamanashi-prf.
Green Airplane, Semba Art site, Osaka Japan
Beyond the Wall, gallery Nipponbashi no Ie, Osaka Japan
NFINITY DEVICE, Light Art festival in Germany, Stuttgart, Goppingen
HARUKA, Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Brazil, Curitiba Biennial 2015
Flight, Queens Museum of Art, New York
Matsukaze, Hand blown glass, Miyako Yoshinaga, New York, USA
Utatane, video, sound and architectural installation, Moore College of Art GOLDIE PALEY GALLERY, Philadelphia, USA
Bell gallery of Brown University, Providence USA
Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh USA
Shinkai, audio-architectural installation, Japan Society, Making a Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York
infinitation/ SESC, audio-architectural installation, SESC PINHEIROS, San Paulo, Brazil
2006 shinkai, audio-architectural installation, ISE CULTURAL FOUNDATION, New York
2003 Panta rhei, architectural installation, Maison Hermes 8f Forum, Tokyo

public art
Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh USA
Firehouse gallery、Burlington Vermont
Phatory Gallery、New York
Musashino City Old Central Library、Tokyo Musashino city

SELECTED Site specific Installation in Ruin
Bahia Museum of Modern Art, salvador
Utakata, audio-architectural installation, Former Beer Factory Warteck, Guest atelier, Basel, Switzerland
B^B, audio-architectural installation, LMCC, Swing Space, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York
Infinitation, audio-architectural installation, Former Factory Building, COCA, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle
Defragmentation/krems, audio-architectural installation, Minoriten Church Kapitelsaal, Krems-Stein, Austria
Machina Temporis, audio-architectural installation, Franziskaner-Klosterruine, Berlin
Defragmentation/red, audio-architectural installation, Kryptonale Contemporary Art Festival, Berlin

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