While feeling

IMAI Norio, FUJIMOTO Yukio, ONISHI Nobuaki, SASAOKA Takashi, SHIRAISHI Koichi, NISHIJIMA Atsushi, IKEDA Shin, KIKUCHI Kazuaki, YAMAMOTO Sayuri, others

6/09 fri ー 6/25 sun
Reservation requiredーOPEN:Fri・Sat・Sun  PM 1〜7  


Humans rely on their sense of sight to live, but they do not see reality as it is. The raw reality (if it exists) is too much information to process, so the subject appears only by selecting the necessary information.
On the other hand, the sense of touch senses objects that touch the body, so there is no process of selecting information like sight. Because of the direct contact with the object, the tactile sensation of the body has a strong sense of reality. That is why, when they have a clear understanding, they say, "I understand it as if I were holding it in my hand."
However, it is usually prohibited to touch the works in the exhibition hall. It is extremely difficult to hold an exhibition where you can touch the works in a place visited by an unspecified number of people. On the other hand, if you are interested in the work, it is natural to want to know more.
We planned this exhibition with the idea that it would be possible to create an exhibition where you can touch the works under certain conditions.