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2019 10/23(wed)ー 11/02(sat)

in the constellation   Kanae Kato・Shinko Taguchi


Kanae Kato

Rape seeds. Hundreds of thousands of flowers bloom from a small seed of black that is less than 2 mm in diameter, and hundreds of thousands of seeds grow. The power of nature. What you can see and what you can't see. I can see what I couldn't see. Countless small seeds are capsules of infinite energy. The small crushed traces on the surface of the clay may be traces that have been sprouting around again.
Kanae Kato 


1966 Born in Aichi prefecture, Japan
1991 M.A. in Sculpture, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
1994 Completed the doctoral program at the same university.
2000 Study at Berlin University of the Arts(~01)
produce his works in Potsdam, Churgo(Hungary), Participate in local symposiums

Currently, Professor at Faculty of Education, Osaka Kyoiku University
Representative of Yellow Line Project (Y・L・P)

When I was working on a work that recreated a human form using clay as the main material, I became interested in replicating and repeating from the mold making work, and then developed it into a work using “plates”. I am impressed with the shape of human beings and natural objects at the base, and mainly produce works made of clay (terracotta). In recent years, I have launched a project that considers people and the environment (Y, L, P), received the blessings of the earth, collaborated in rape blossoms and cotton cultivation, and how to incorporate the blessings of nature (materials) I'm looking for it through my five senses.

Shinko Taguchi

Stucco lucido is the one of the three major techniques of buon fresco painting. Under the limited working of 7 hours per day the stucco is painted in dry pigments mixed with water and bee waxed and then polished with a trowel to get shine and unpredictable some changes, which makes me enjoy seeing the unknown from the known. I think that the unknown is to find out hope between the nature and spirit feeling the sky. Constellation on the Jung psychology means that casual occurrences are mutually related. I try to see new scenery by arranging pieces of different landscapes.
Shinko Taguchi 

Born in Osaka, Japan

Fine arts study /
Art Foundation Course at the City Lit Art Department in London, England
1986-1988 Fine arts study at B-semi Schooling System in Yokohama
1995-1997  Study of Fresco painting with Simona Bruni in Florence after learning Italian language at The University for foreigners of Perugia in Italy

1987 B-semi Exhibition – Yokohama Civic Gallery, / group show
1988 The civic gallery of Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo / two-women’s show
1990 Machida Civic Gallery, Tokyo / solo show
1991 Takano Art Space, Tokyo / solo show
1992 Gallery Surge, Tokyo / solo show
1994 Gallery 16, Kyoto / solo show
1995 Gallery 16, Kyoto / solo show
1997 Gallery 16, Kyoto / solo show
1998 Amano Gallery, Osaka / solo show
1999 Galerie Ando, Tokyo / solo show
2001 Gallery Idea, Tokyo / solo show
2012 Gallery H.O.T, Osaka / solo show
2016 Gallery H.O.T Osaka / solo show