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10/07 wed.ー10/24 sat.

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nakajima mugi

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Solo-show selected
2020 Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO / Tokyo (13,15,17,18,19)
2020 Wada Garou / Tokyo
2019 Gallery SUJU / Nagano
2019 light/moving / cafe 104.5 / Tokyo
2017 HUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECT2016-17 / 7 other venus in Ibaraki city / Osaka
2017 nakajima mugi painting works PLUS / Tsutaya Book Store Umeda / Osaka
2016 Gallery OUT of PLACE NARA / Nara(11,13,14)
2016 The Faraway Moment / MuMu Gallery / Taiwan
2012 wandering / Nagi Town Museum / Okayama
2012 Travering for 2 hours everynight / SAKURA Museum / Osaka and others

Group-show・art projects selected
2019 Is this a painting exhibition…really ? / Kawaguchi City Art Gallery. ATLIA / Saitama
2019 VOCA2019 / Ueno no Mori Museum /Tokyo
2018 OUT PUT ART PUT / SHIBAMATA FU-TEN Bed and Local /Tokyo
2016 MImasaka / YunogoGrand Hotel / Okayama
2016 High-Light Scene / Gallery PARC / Kyoto and others

2018 art direction Iwaki Medical Center / Fukushima
2018 collabolation with TOYO TIRES
2018 ollabolation with hummel
2018 LUMINE meets ART / Antigravite×nakajima mugi /Tokyo
2018 art fair ART OSAKA / Hotel Granvia Osaka(11,12,13,14,15,16,17)Gallery OUT of PLACE room
2018 art fair / ArtFairTokyo / International Forum / Gallery OUT of PLACE booth
2017 work shop / Shiga Prefectural Modern Museum
2016 work shop / Roppongi Art Night / Suntry Museum /Tokyo
2016 work shop / Ashiya City Museum / Hyogo
2015 live painting / Mishoryu / The Synphony Hall / Osaka

In recent years, many natural disasters have occurred, such as a flood every 50 years or a big earthquake every few hundred years. The outbreak of the new coronavirus occurred 100 years after the Spanish flu. In nature, time seems to circulate in a long cycle. It can be called a timeline drawn by nature.
Nakajima Mugi seems to be trying to express it in the picture. Nakajima says we are in the flow of timelines now by his layers of paint. People who stand in front of his timeline experience the moment of staring at the edge of deep time, fascinated by layers of color.

+1art Kawaragi




+1art opened an online shop in the October 2020. As an opening project, "Soft hope" series is being begun
Artists create some artworks limited number of works from 5 to 10,  for putting in the special box dedicated to this series.
This is series project linked to the exhibitions at +1art and +2 , and online sales will start at the same time, apart from the gallery exhibit works. The first of the "Soft hope" series is the works by Nakajima Mugi, who will hold a solo exhibition in October.

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mugi BAR

+2(5 minutes walk from +1art)

October 24th
17:00~21:00(closed on 21:00)
Up to 5 people each hour.
Reservation required.(MAIL TO

On the night of the last day, we will take you to a secret mugi BAR near +1 art.
The bartender is the artist himself.
*Drink order(brands selected by the artist):500yen〜