The world is melting into a rainbow

2021 01/20 sat.ー01/30 sat.

Fuyuji Mori




1976 born in Kyoto
1999 graduated from Ryukoku University
2001 graduated from Osaka professional School of Art
2002 start to be active named“Fuyuji”

solo exhibitions
2019 “where anyone can reach” RBTXCO studio / Osaka
2018 “The story becomes the wind”, OUT of PLACE / Nara
2016 “please open the door”, A.I.R. Minamiyamashiro Village / Kyoto
2015 “from depth”, 2kw gallery / Osaka


2014 “light of green, deep blue forest”, gallery near / Kyoto
2013 “turn”, GALERIE ASHIYA SCHULE / Hyogo
2011 “escape from illusion”, gallery neutron Tokyo / Tokyo
2010 “the world dripping after dreams”, 2kw58 gallery / Osaka
2009 “a little distance”, Gallery Den / Osaka
2009 “crazy for journey”, gallery neutron Tokyo / Tokyo
2009 “sound of stars”, gallery neutron / Kyoto
2008 “Fuyuyuyuyuyuyuyumeutsutsu”, Five mansion gallery deem / Hyogo
2008 “the Room”, Gallery Haku / Osaka
2007 “flesh cluster”, gallery neutron / Kyoto
2006 “swimming in the air”, Gallery Haku& Haku3 / Osaka
2005 “untitled”, Motoazabu gallery / Tokyo
2004 “in a flash”, gallery Sowaka / Kyoto
2004 “white, red, rhythm”, Gallery Haku / Osaka
2004 “covered by soft skin” (Gallery Den / Osaka
2003 “clear scene”, TOR GALLERY / Hyogo
2003 “visible rays”, Gallery Haku3 / Osaka
2002 “natural diary”, CASO / Osaka

group show & art fair
2020 “Open Secret Base”, Anatomy of Hearing LUCUA OSAKA /Osaka
2020 “3331 Art Fair 2020”, 3331 Arts Chiyoda / Tokyo 2020 “TONOTO”, Tsuno Hall / Kyoto


2019 “Little us, Who are we ?”, +1 art / Osaka
2019 “Chemical Reactions 4”, Space 31 / Hyogo
2019 “HOSPITAL ART in Gallery Ⅱ”, Enocojima Creates Osaka / Osaka
2019 “ART BUSAN 2019”, Busan / Korea
2019 “Asia Contemporary Art Show Spring 2019 Edition”, (’17) Conrad Hong Kong / Hong Kong
2018 “OSAKA ART FES 2018”, Hanshin Department Store / Osaka
2018 “Materials & Expression”, Space31 / Hyogo
2018 “vanishing words”, +1 art / Osaka
2018 “Zamuza 2018”, HRD Fine Art / Tokyo
2017 “Gakuenmae Art Festa. 2017 -memento・forest-”, Asanuma Memorial Hall / Nara
2017 “Big Sensation”, gallery Den mym & AIR南山城村 / Kyoto
2016 “2kw gallery”, 2kw gallery & 2kw58 gallery / Osaka
2015 “liquid section”, 2kw gallery / Osaka
2015 “Takao school Art &Music Fes.”, (’12,’13) old Takao school / Kyoto
2014 “TAKE OUT ART !”, gallery near / Kyoto
2014 “GOLDEN COMPETITION 2014”, ARTCOURT Gallery / Osaka
2013 “MAX PAINTING”(’12), Gallery Haku& Haku3 / Osaka
2013 “me and world, modern paintings & films”, Hankyu Department Store / Osaka
2012 “Somewhere in nowhere , Mio Asuka&Azuchi the twins 2012 with friends”, gallery neutron Tokyo / Tokyo
2012 “Beautiful things- the charming miniature exhibition”, Osaka Mitsukoshi IsetanDepartment Store / Osaka
2011 “VISUAL SENSATION vol.4”, Gallery Den / Kyoto
2011 “VOCA ’11”, Ueno no Mori Art Museum / Tokyo
2011 “2kw project of substation series-1”, 2kw58 gallery / Osaka
2011 “ART SAN DIEGO 2011”, (’10) San Diego / United States of America
2010 “Mt. Fuji”, gallery neutron Tokyo / Tokyo
2010 “JAMIN - 2” (’09) , Esprit Nouveau Gallery / Okayama
2009 “ART OSAKA”, Dojima Hotel / Osaka
2009 “pray for stars”, gallery neutron Tokyo / Tokyo
2009 “It' a small world”, gallery neutron / Kyoto
2008 “Outline of Image”, Gallery Haku / Osaka
2008 “Fine Edge - EXHIBITION of SMALL WORKS -”, (’03) (Esprit Nouveau Gallery / Okayama
2008 “Kunst Kraft Kulub group show”, (’03,’05,’06,’07) Gallery Haku& Haku3 / Osaka
2007 “’07 Comp project vol.2””, gallery Comp / Osaka
2007 “melting pool”, Gallery Haku3 / Osaka
2007 “Hakkaryouran”, Hyogo prefecture Art Museum / Hyogo
2007 “departures”, Gallery Takigawa / Osaka
2006 “A drift In The Pacific”, Osaka Modern Art Center / Osaka
2006 “gallerism 2006”, Osaka Modern Art Center / Osaka
2006 “see the paintings 2004/1”, (’04,’05) Gallery Haku3 / Osaka
2005 “exhibition for sound and music”, gallery R・P / Osaka
2002 “No mark Part1”, gallery Sen / Osaka
2001 “PEP ART”, Gallery Den / Osaka

2014 “GOLDEN Competition 2014”
2011 “VOCA’11” live painting
2019 RBTXCO 13th Anniversary collaboration with MOYA (RBTxCO studio / Osaka
2018 SCRAP ARCS collaboration with MOYA (RBTxCO studio / Osaka
2012 neutron night "2" (UrBANGUILD / Kyoto) 2007 Hair show MUTEKING produced by physio (WORLD / Kyoto)

2015 SS “Group of Sandy Whale”
2010 -’11 AW “MEXICO”
*collaboration with RBTxCO(

MORI Akane

MORI Akane

‘’Obsession’’ is the theme of my work and I am always trying to find an expression only Printmaking  can realize. A motif changes time to time. Sometimes it is cloths and sometimes it is myself or people around me. This exhibition displays my new work, including one which won an award in the Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking 2018. I do hope you will enjoy my work with this opportunity.

Artist Statement
Each time I see a mirror, it reflects a figure named me. I had the feeling that my body doesn’t belong to me ever since I can remember. I was wondering why my hands and legs move, why my body is regarded as a woman’s body and why this body represents my existence. I wonder who can assert that this body the mirror reflects and a picture shows, is me. I have worked with Printmaking. In the same time, the daily life like I am looking over from a cockpit and the wonder of my existence has captured my interest and made me question. The printmaking has many characteristics no other arts techniques have. One of them is that Printmaking is not an original work of art, but is done through a plate. A picture is a work painted directly on canvas using a brush, in the other hand in the field of printmaking an artist works on a printing matrix, coats it with ink and cover it with a paper. Curiously, this resulting print has different features from the original image. It is sometimes a happy betrayal and sometimes is just a sad change. Though for me personally, it was a deja vu. I have had same experiences many times before by watching myself in a mirror. If I assume a printing matrix is my body I can recognize through my sense and spirit, then my body seen in a mirror and a picture becomes a printed image. The more I work in printmaking, the more the distance between body and spirit gets close. My body was cut into pieces and comes to be a plate or a picture. My body in the 3-D world appears in the 2-D and it gets more object. This process helped me to feel more my existence. On a printing image, I add lines which come from my feelings, and then a human being named me is completed. I have never understood why I exist, though I have understood it better through my work of printmaking, which has a similar relation to body and spirits. I have pursued a never finding answers and unite bodies and spirits. I continue making ‘’me’’ using the printmaking. 

MORI Akane

1993 Born in Kobe,Japan
2016 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Graduated school
2019 Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and design of Master course
2019 The 8th printing trainee of Kawara Printmaking Laboratory

2018 “Mitsudomoe”, Art Complex Center Tokyo/Tokyo
2018 “AFTER THE HAPPY ENDING”, Joshibi Switch Labo/Kanagawa
2019 Solo exhibition “I think therefore,I am”, TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY /Tokyo
2019 “University Print Exhibition winner Exhibition”, Bunpoudo Gallery/Tokyo 2019 “ART AWARD TOKYO 2019”, Tokyo
2020 “20+20 artist exhibition”, Gallery Face to Face/Tokyo

Public colections
Machida International Print Museum/Tokyo
The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura&Hayama/Kanagawa