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2021 03/17 wed.ー04/03 sat.


ODORU KOKORO  (dancing herat)》Norio Imai 1973 speaker(20cm in diameter)+heartbeat

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【TALK & PAFORMANCE】 3 /20 sat. PM 2〜


   |Place|  Kozu shrine “TOMI-tei“
   |Entry fee| 1000yen
   |Booking| +1art /



IMAI Norio

IMAI Norio 

Born in Osaka in 1946. He is an artist. He studied under Jiro Yoshihara while he was a student at Osaka City Kogei High School and participated in the Gutai Art Association. In 1966, he received the 10th Shell Art Award First Prize. Since then, he has exhibited in numerous exhibitions both domestic and overseas. Since the 1970s he has created photographs, videos and sounds. Since 1979 he has continued his daily self-portrait works. His major pablications include "Starting from White-My Art Note", "Daily Portrait-A Quarter Century Diary of Memory", "On the Table-Performance in Book", and "Time Collection" and "Norio Imai (Axel and May Vervoordt Foundation).


1946 Born in Osaka
1965 Joins Gutai Art Association (until breakup in 1972)

Selected Solo Exhibitions 2019 Japanese Art Sound Archive : Norio Imai, 《TWO HEARTBEATS OF MINE》1976 , +1 art, Osaka
2019 Norio Imai - Action on Film, ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka
2019 IAFT 19/20 in Osaka, Creative Center, Osaka
2019 in number, new wold, Ashiya City Museum of Art and History
2018 Exposition Gutai, l'espace et le temps, Musée Soulages à Rodez, France
2018 Norio Imai: Material Ecstasy, Axel Vervoordt Gallery Antwerp, Wijnegem, Belgium
2017 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Gallery Joey Ramone, Rotterdam
2017 solo exhibition -Origin of margins, OZASA, Kyoto
2017 solo exhibition-Cairn of sounds, , +1 art, Osaka
2016 performing for the camera, Tate Modern, Londonv 2015 Norio Imai – Time Collection, Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room Shinjuku, Tokyo
2015 PROPORTIO, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, Italy
2015 Re: play 1972/2015―Restaging “Expression in Film '72”, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2014 solo exhibition-White perspective, Gallery Richard, New York
2013 Gutai: Splendid Playground, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
2013 solo exhibition - On tne piano, Galerie Ashiya Schule, Hyogo
2012 Gutai: The Spirit of an Era, The National Art Center, Tokyo
2012 A Visual Essay on Gutai at 32 East 69th Street, Hauser & Wirth, New York
2011  Nul=0: The Dutch Nul Group in an International Context, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, The Netherlands
2009 Vital Signals – Early Japanese and American Video Art, touring exhibition to Japan Society, New York; Museum of Fine
2006 Radical Communication: Japanese Video Art 1968-1988, The Getty Center, Los Angeles
1994 Time / Art-Expression of Time in 20th Century Art, The Museum of Modern Art, Shiga
1994 50th Anniversary "Concrete" Retrospective Exhibition, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
  1988 Japan Advanced Science and Technology Exhibition, National Taiwan Museum
1982 4th Sydney Biennale, Australia
1982 Photographs by contemporary art, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo〜The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
1976 Video expression‘76, KBSLaser Liam Center, Kyoto,《6/8 Eyoshi》
1975 The Party - Norio Imai, Saburo Muraoka, Keiji Uematsu, galerie 16, Kyoto
1973 Attempt to OTOKI / HISYO ONPU, gallery Pete, Osaka《 ODORU KOKORO》
1972 “This Accidental Co-action as an Incident”, street event with sounds of three artists’ heartbeats, Midōsuji Street, Osaka. (Collaboration with Toru Kuranuki and Saburo Muraoka)
1970 Gutai Group Display, Midorikan Pavilion Entrance, Expo’70 World’s Fair, Suita, Osaka
1967 5th Biennale de Paris, Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, France
1966 Receives 1st prize at Shell Art Award, Tokyo

IMAI Norio

2020 /910x606x120mm /Canvas, acrylic, cotton cloth, base material



Born in 1986. Performance, composition, direction using electric cello, computer and field-recording.Join the band "swimm","Yuki Nakagawa, band". And recently,I play with artists outside of music(dance, theater, paint etc..).


Broken cello, Automatic play featuring Heartbeat
2020 850x500x230mm mixed media  (photo by Yoshikazu Inoue)

Musician John Cage entered the anechoic chamber to experience a state of silence. He heard two faint sounds, though he should not have heard them, in a room that cuts off all the sounds of the outside world. It was later discovered that one was "the sound of the nervous system working" and the other was "the sound of blood flowing." Is the "sound of the working nervous system" an electrical signal emitted by nerve cells? Is the "sound of blood flowing" the beating sound of the heart? Both are sounds that occur inside the body and cannot normally be heard even if you listen carefully. Cage probably "feels" it in the heart of the musician, rather than "hearing" it in an anechoic chamber.
We hold a two-person exhibition by an artist and a musician on the theme of heart sounds. Cage (unexpectedly) who tried to experience an unknown experience Discovered a given body, but in this exhibition, two people of different ages and genres challenge a given reconstruction. I can't help but dance.