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MORI Mei  

When I listened to my memories and words in a closed life, I was able to look back on many of the feelings I had forgotten. I hope it will be a space where you can share methods for enjoying limited freedom and a lot of time. 

Let's go far

Let's go far
2021 /455×380 mm /hemp paper, black ink, rock paint


1996 Born in Kyoto, japan
Lives and works in Kyoto, Japan

2018 Kyoto City University of Arts, BFA in Japanese painting
2020 Kyoto City University of Arts, MFA in Japanese painting

Exhibitions and awards
2021 “ART FAIR TOKYO 2021”, Tokyo International Forum, Japan
2020 Received the President of Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award at the exhibition of Kyoto Nihonga Shinten, Museum Eki Kyoto, Japan
2020 Won the Mayor of Kyoto Prize at the Graduation Works Exhibition of Kyoto City University of Arts
2020 Group exhibition “Serene Mind and Prayers for the era of Reiwa,” the Terminal Kyoto, Japan
2020 Launch exhibition of “KYOTO STREAM 2020 - International Art×Science Festival - ”, Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art, Japan
2020 First solo exhibition, Baiken Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
2020 Group charity auction “Invisible World,” +1 art , Osaka, Japan
2020 “art KYOTO 2020”, Kyoto National Museum, Japan
2019 Won the Encouragement Prize at the exhibition “Nihonga AWARD: Seed 2019”, Yamatane Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2019 Group charity auction “Little Us, Who Are We,” +1 ar , Osaka, Japan
2018 Selected as a scholar of the Kyoto Bank’s Art Research Support Program


soft hope

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+1 art is releasing a series entitled "Soft Hope" sequentially as our online shop opening plan.
In this series, each artist puts a "soft hope" -themed work in our special box made with the image of a book. We sell these limited works online.
The sixth in the series, we release three works by MORI Mei at the same time as her exhibition.

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