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《mask》《AMI/Knitting》2021 (Partially)by IKEDA Shin

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I was always wondering if I could make a works that disappears when it is crushed or worn by its own weight. I couldn't come up with a good idea and couldn't make it, but this work will be reduced to materials, and my traces will almost disappear. The sound continues and disappears.The words in our voice will also disappear. Now I'm going to make a sound with my voice. "HOKOROBI", which sometimes means discord, also means reconciliation and a smile.


AMI(Knitting)  2021 /mixed media


1974 Born in Osaka
1998 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Faculty of Arts, Department of Design

recent solo exhibitions
2020 HESO NO OKA Museum, Osaka
2020 Nishiwaki City Okanoyama Art Museum Atelier, Hyogo
2019 HANARA Art festival 2018, Nara
2019, Tokyo
2019 KURAGE BONKO, Osaka
2019 Nishiwaki City Okanoyama Art Museum, Hyogo

recent group exhibitions
2020 2kw Gallery, Shiga
2019 Kyoto City Museum of Art
2019 KUNST ARZT, Kyoto



Member of this exhibition
KURAMOTO Takahiro, MASUNO Atsuko, NOMURA Mikiko, TAKAHASHI Mariko, MORI Sumire   


performance by YAEICHI  2021


YAEICHI(:a Camp) is a performance art group which was formed in 2018, when the leading members first performed in the 40th Anniversary of Commemorative Exhibition of the National Museum of Art,Osaka. The group consists of 19 members, each of whom has its own activity in the artistic fields.It started to activate themselves to perform in many of the art events,and also to put on some workshops and to attend such a conference as a round-table conference titled the 12th Congress of the Japanese Association for the Study of Musical Improvisation on Nov.1,2020. In addition,it hosted an event Shiomi Mieko Performance & Visual Works 2021 Kobe,showed at SALON in Feb.

IKEDA Shin creates works that create new attributes by embroidering daily necessities such as cup noodle containers and making chandeliers with enema medicine.
YAEICHI is made up of multiple people and engages in activities that span art and music, using physical performance such as breath, voice, and whistling.This spring, they hosted "Mieko Shiomi | Performances & Visual Works 2021 in Kobe".
What is born and happens when these two personalities meet? No one knows the whereabouts of the exhibition until the curtain opens.