Elusiveness of Shadow

Mikołaj Poliński

2023 5/17 wedー6/03 sat

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⚫︎5/17 wed PM4〜 opening


The latest pieces deal with issues related to the identity of the painting, the identity of the place and the influence of mentality (cultural context) on the reading of a visual work. The idea is to present the same and twin works in Japan and Poland. At +1art, in the Jan Tarasin Gallery in Kalisz, and in my studio at 16 Grottgera Street in Poznań. An important approach will be the direct inspiration of 'everyday life', e.g. the experience of living in the space of several languages, the influence of mental (psychological) processes on the understanding of space, or the use of physical quotations - fragments of reality (e.g. the space of the studio) in relation to the painting.
(Mikołaj Poliński)

Mikołaj Poliński

Born in 1977, Poznan. Graduated from the University of Arts in Poznan and studied at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. He holds in doctorate from the University of Arts in Poznan. His works in the fields of painting, drawing and installation and is concerned with the relationship between the visual arts, musicand sound. He is currently a professor at the University of Arts in Poznan.


selected solo exhibitions
2023 Reflection of Blueish Grey (Ise Contemporary Art Museum, Mie/Japan)
2023 A Reflection of Blue Gray / Still Life by B.B. (Galeria Szewska 16 Poznań/Poland)
2020 Playable Unplayable performance with Misa Shimomura (CK Zamek Poznań/Poland)
2019 Door Opened for Moonlight (+1art Osaka/Japan)
2019 19 Shades of Grey, ( Galerie Muzalewska, Poznań/Poland)
2018 DISPLACEMENT(Emerson Gallery, Berlin/Germany)
2018 Five Movements (+1art Osaka/Japan)
2016 The Sounds of Drawing (Terminal 08, Gorzów Wlkp./Poland)
2015 Utopia Pavilion - Ise (Ise, Contemporary Art Museum, Mie/Japan) 2014 Imagination of Movement in the Fourth Dimension (UAM Poznań/Poland)
2013 Blueshift(Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznań/Poland)
2012 Noises of Utopia, with Misa Shimomura (Emerson Gallery, Berlin/Germany)
2011 Noises of Utopia, with Misa Shimomura, Utopia Pavilion(Konstantynowo/Poland)
2009 The Funicular to Vesuvius(Galeria Muzalewska, Poznań/Poland)
2009 On the Other Side (Zenshi Tokyo)
2008 Blue Fugue, with Misa Shimomura (Galeria Oko/Ucho i Galeria Naprzeciw, Poznań/Poland)
2008 Mirages (Ulf Wetzka Gallery, Berlin/Germany)
2006 Six Days in Paradise (Galeria Aneks, Poznań/Poland)
2006 One day in Paradise (Zenshi, Tokyo/Japan)
2004 Utopia Pavilion (Konstantynowo koło Poznania/Poland)
2003 The Mechanics of Heaven (Galeria Muzalewska Poznań/Poland)
2002 The Mechanics of Heaven (Galeria Akumulatory 2 Poznań/Poland)
2001 Polyphonic Order (Galeria Miejska Arsenał Poznań/Poland)
2000 Experiments (Aula University of Arts in Poznań Poznań/Poland)
1999 Introitus (Aula University of Arts in Poznań Poznań/Poland)

selected group exhibitions
2023 Resonating Views (Ise, Contemporary Art Museum/ Mie/Japan)
2023 Scientia & Intuitio (Academy of Fine Art Warsaw/Poland)
2022 Osaka Kansai International Art Festival 2022 (Grand Front Oska/Japan)
2022 Critical Mass (Galeria Działań, Warszawa/Poland)
2022 Limit States (Stary Browar, Poznań/Poland)
2020 Listening by Eye (by Jarosław Kozłowski), Muzeum Susch/Switzerland
2020 Reversals (Galeria Naprzeciw, Poznań/Poland)
2020 PETIT (Galeria Sztuki im. Jana Tarasina Kalisz /Poland)
2019 ART OSAKA 2019 (Hotel Granvia Osaka/Japan)
2019 Listening by Eye (Archiwum Idei Poznań /Poland)
2018 Pause (prelude) (Haus der Kunst, Munich/Germany)
2018 Revesrsed Seeing (Ise Contemporary Art Museum, Mie/Japan)
2016 Interventions in Museum Lubuskie (Gorzów/Poland)
2015 Drawnig by Piano, performance with Misa Shimomura (Konin, Mie/Japan)
2015 Alternative Views (Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin/Germany)
2014 Net Fundacja Profile (Warszawa/Poland)
2013 Blue Fugue (Ise Contemporary Art Museum, MIe/Japan)
2013 Nieprzekupne oko / Beyond Corrupted Eye(Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej MOCAK Kraków/Poland)
2012 Beyond Corrupted Eye (Zachęta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki Warszawa/Poland)
2010 The Mechanics of Haeven (Okinawa Prefectural Art Museum, Naha/Japan)
2010 No Explanation (Galeria Miejska Arsenał Poznań/Poland)
2007 Dialogues (Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin/Germany)
2006 From ON KAWARA to RYAN GANDER (Daiwa Viewing Room Hiroshima/Japan)

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